Everything You Need To Know About Pizza

Pizza is one of the most popular foods with 93% of Americans having at least a slice per month, and 350 slices eaten every second. There are many different types and brands of pizza, but when did it all start? Take a trip through the history of pizza and find out everything you ever wanted, and didn’t want, to know about pizza.

The Beginning

The first record of pizza was written during the 6th Century B.C. when Darius the Great mentions his soldiers making an early version of this popular meal. During their conquests, soldiers would bake flat bread on their shield and put cheese and dates on it.

The pizza grew in popularity through Greece and Italy at first, and then spread through Europe. Naples grew to become the epicenter of the pizza world and by 1889 the great pizza chef, Raffaele Esposito created the pizza that would stay the standard for all the creations coming after.

In the early 1900s the first Italian pizza entered the United States in Chicago and New York. The two cities have their own unique twist on the dish and have been battling out who has the best version ever since. As pizza grew in popularity, it spread to many major cities and then eventually to almost every home in America.

Fun Facts About Pizza

The World’s Biggest Pizza weighed in at 51,000 pounds and was made by five Italian Chefs. It was 131 feet in diameter and required 10,000 pounds of tomato sauce, 8,800 pound of mozzarella cheese, and 19,800 pounds of flour.

Los Angeles is home to the largest commercially available pizza, according to Guinness which is 54 x 54 inches, and serves up 200 pieces of this pie. Big Mama’s & Papa’s Pizzeria serves up this pie for $199.99 with an additional $14.99 charge for each additional topping.

The most expensive pizza on record was sold at a charity auction for £2,150, or $3,497.10. It had exotic toppings like Scottish smoked salmon, sunblush-tomato sauce, cognac marinated lobster, caviar soaked in champagne, and even edible gold. The most expensive pizza that is available for the public to order is $1,000 and in New York City. It is 12-inches of pizza with caviar, lobster, chives, and cremefraiche.

Other fun facts about pizza are that October is National Pizza Month in the United States and this industry is worth over $30 billion. The week of the Super Bowl is the most popular time to order this meal too.

While every country may have their own form of this delicious creation, the popularity is the same. The next time you sit down to eat a slice of pizza, you will have a greater appreciation for this simple dish that has seen many changes, and revolutionized the world of eating.

It’s More Than Just Good Taste! 5 Tips For Picking The Perfect Catered Menu

When you are having a meal catered for a special event, you want it to be delicious, right?  Of course!  You also want it to be memorable and beautiful.  This can be a challenge, especially when you are offered dozens of choices and each sound delectable.  To make choosing your catering menu easy as pie, follow these simple tips.

  1. Consider the Venue.  Your most important decision isn’t chicken or beef, it’s the style of the food.  If you are having a laid-back outdoor event, choose refined but casual foods such as croissants, a gourmet cheese spread, and olive bar.  Seafood is fine if you are on water, otherwise skip the tilapia or shrimp for some land-based protein source.  If your event is in an elegant, historic mansion, choose similar chic items and pass on the bacon macaroni and cheese no matter how good it tastes.  
  2. Don’t Forget About Color.  After tasting dozens of items, you may find your favorites are the pesto pasta, rosemary steamed broccoli, and quinoa stuffed green peppers.  Don’t just blindly pick those without imaging what they would like on the plate together.  To avoid the sea of green, select the glazed carrots and some mushroom risotto to ensure your foods complement each other, not only in taste, but also in appearance.   Consider texture, as well.  The perfect plate should have something crisp or crunchy as well as something smooth.  
  3. Consider the Guests.  You know your guest list better than the caterer.  Don’t be afraid to nix their recommended beef dish if you know that most of your guests have sworn off red meat.  If you have children attending your event, be sure to include some of their favorite foods.  A good caterer can create some delectable mini hotdogs and offer a simple fruit salad that will align with your grown-up menu.  Always offer a vegan, or at least vegetarian, option.  Review your guest list to get a feel for how many people will require a special meal.  
  4. Make it Memorable.  You want your meal to be memorable, so shy away from the simple chicken breast, green beans, and mashed potatoes.  This is the time to pick something special that represents you.  If you love Thai food, consider a curry station.  If you can’t imagine a day without chocolate, serve a variety of your favorite cocoa desserts.   The meal at your event should be more than calories.  It’s your gift to your guests.  Make it memorable by adding a bit of your own personality.

Raw Pizza: A Healthy & Unique Spin on a Classic Recipe

You are probably familiar with most every different type of pizza available, whether it’s made at home or in specialty restaurants like Nitza’s Pizza – The Original. But have you ever heard of a raw pizza? Yes, the raw food diet also includes versions of pizza. This unique spin on the classic Italian recipe might be of great interest to those wanting to eat healthier morning, noon, and night.

Raw Pizza is Simple to Make

There are quite a few different raw pizza recipes. Obviously, the common thread among these recipes is none of them involve cooking. Raw means raw.

You can purchase the crust or make it from scratch. Healthier selections such as organic buckwheat crust are quite popular. Another options is the very unique chia and sweet potato crust.

The toppings on the pizza could be any common variety of pizza toppings such as mushrooms, olives, onions, and the like. Homemade tomato and marinara sauce are usually added to the mix. You really can create scores of spins on traditional pizza, just do not put the pie in the oven.

So, why is the raw diet considered such a healthy alternative to traditionally cooked meals?

Raw Foods are Healthier and More Natural

The raw food diet is great for losing weight since it is fairly low in both carbs and saturated fat. Also, a lot of vital food nutrients usually destroyed by heat are retained in their natural state when served raw. Overall, the raw food diet is a healthy one and is capable of enhancing the nutritional benefits of traditional pizza recipes by tweaking them a little.

And speaking of healthy, why not start the day with a nice serving of raw pizza?

Pizza (and Veggies) for Breakfast

Pizza really is a great breakfast choice since it provides the body with a host of carbs and nutrients for the day. (Pizza originally started out as a breakfast food among NYC dock workers).

A raw pizza takes this healthiness to the next level through providing the body with a host of vegetables that would not commonly be eaten early in the morning. Honestly, there really is no bad time for eating vegetables considering how good they are for you. Raw pizza for breakfast helps you break out of the routine of only eating your veggies later in the day. Why miss out on the vitamins fresh vegetables deliver?

Really, raw pizza is an awesome recipe for the health conscious. It tastes great, too.

A Brief Guide To Eating A Bodybuilder Diet At Chinese Restaurants

Bodybuilders have to be very careful about what foods they select while in training. Their diets should be clean so as to avoid putting on unwanted body fat. Food choices must also support muscle building. Chinese restaurants might not be thought of as dining establishments known for serving bodybuilder preferred meals, but a menu is actually filled with numerous excellent selections. A nutrition-savvy bodybuilder could actually eat Chinese food fairly regularly and maintain the perfect physique for a contest.

Selecting Pre- and Post-Workout Carb Dishes

Whether you want to eat carbs for a pre-workout energy boost or you require carbs to help you recover depleted glycogen after a workout, Chinese restaurant staples of rice and mixed vegetables are perfect choices.

Avoid fried rice, though, since cooking oil adds in a lot of extra calories. Request brown rice instead of white rice if it is available on the menu, although white rice is not necessarily a poor choice.

Protein-Boosting Menu Staples

Solid protein intake is critical for anyone looking to build up or repair muscle tissue. Chinese restaurants are home to a host of excellent dishes known for providing quality protein. The key is avoiding sugar and fat when your training cycle has you more conscious about your weight.

Chicken with broccoli is a perfect example of the quintessential bodybuilding meal. The chicken provides an excellent serving of protein with far less calories and fat than beef. Broccoli is a natural, healthy diuretic that prevents the body from retaining water. Less water means a more toned and defined physique.

How the Food is Cooked

The way the food is prepared plays a role in whether or not it’s right for a bodybuilder. Bodybuilders must cut out all unnecessary calories from their diet. A lot of those calories can be eliminated when food is steamed or broiled. So, avoid the fried selections at the restaurant and go with the healthier alternative cooking methods. Best of all, broiled and steamed selection retain more of the vitamins and nutrients naturally found in the food.

What about the fast food selections?

For those in a rush, there are ways of “tweaking” traditionally cooked Chinese food. Requesting chicken egg foo young without the gravy means you get all the protein from the poultry and the eggs along with the nutrients from the onions. What you do not get is the sodium and flour carbs from the gravy.

Really, there are a lot of ways to eat healthier when out. You just have to know a few bodybuilding insights to do so.

The Most Popular Fall Wedding Trends

Fall is a popular time for weddings and there are many fun ideas that you can use during this time of year. The 2014 trends are coming out and the newest trends in colors, food, and locations are hotter than ever.

Color Schemes

Most people associate pastel colors with spring-time weddings, but this year pastels are a very popular choice. To make them blend better with the fall season, though, they are paired with deep shades of red and cooler pastels;  the result is a fabulous combination of warm and cool — just like the season.

The hottest color for 2014 is copper. This is a fun color that ties nicely into details as an accent in the invites, service-ware, or decor. For an outdoor wedding or reception, lanterns in this metal are beautiful and highlight the cooler feeling of fall. Indoor or outdoor weddings can have tables, chairs, and center-pieces that can feature copper to tie everything together.

Catering Menu

The most obvious choice for any caterer, such as Gallery Café & Catering, is to use the food that is in season. The fall is famous for harvest foods, and they are featured heavily on the menu at any autumn wedding. The trends that are really hot this year are to serve them in a more creative way.

Salads are great for adapting to have roasted nuts or seeds, figs, or cheese added. If you want something more seasonal and less ordinary, try serving a bisque made from squash in a mini pumpkin, topped with blue cheese or toasted nuts.

For desserts, self-serve bars are very popular. Consider using seasonal foods here as well — like a table where guests make their own caramel apple and pick their own toppings. A pie table with an optional “a la mode” is always a hit too. Anything homey and warm is an ideal candidate for being featured on the menu.


With the sun setting earlier in the day than during the summer, outdoor weddings are more difficult to light. There are all kinds of creative ideas that brides will conjure up, but this year industrial lighting is in style. Vintage is still very much in style, so designers and planner find vintage-style Edison bulbs to hand around the area or cluster them around where the bride and groom stand. This even provides a great backdrop for a photo booth.

Living Happily Ever After

At the end of the night, what matters most is that the new happy couple has a great time. There are plenty of decisions that are made, but if it reflects the couple, it is a success. Designers, planners, and caterers are more than happy to help educate on trends and recommend what fits in a budget while still giving the dream wedding every girl wants. A great wedding is the perfect way to celebrate this big day.