A Brief Guide To Eating A Bodybuilder Diet At Chinese Restaurants

Bodybuilders have to be very careful about what foods they select while in training. Their diets should be clean so as to avoid putting on unwanted body fat. Food choices must also support muscle building. Chinese restaurants might not be thought of as dining establishments known for serving bodybuilder preferred meals, but a menu is actually filled with numerous excellent selections. A nutrition-savvy bodybuilder could actually eat Chinese food fairly regularly and maintain the perfect physique for a contest.

Selecting Pre- and Post-Workout Carb Dishes

Whether you want to eat carbs for a pre-workout energy boost or you require carbs to help you recover depleted glycogen after a workout, Chinese restaurant staples of rice and mixed vegetables are perfect choices.

Avoid fried rice, though, since cooking oil adds in a lot of extra calories. Request brown rice instead of white rice if it is available on the menu, although white rice is not necessarily a poor choice.

Protein-Boosting Menu Staples

Solid protein intake is critical for anyone looking to build up or repair muscle tissue. Chinese restaurants are home to a host of excellent dishes known for providing quality protein. The key is avoiding sugar and fat when your training cycle has you more conscious about your weight.

Chicken with broccoli is a perfect example of the quintessential bodybuilding meal. The chicken provides an excellent serving of protein with far less calories and fat than beef. Broccoli is a natural, healthy diuretic that prevents the body from retaining water. Less water means a more toned and defined physique.

How the Food is Cooked

The way the food is prepared plays a role in whether or not it’s right for a bodybuilder. Bodybuilders must cut out all unnecessary calories from their diet. A lot of those calories can be eliminated when food is steamed or broiled. So, avoid the fried selections at the restaurant and go with the healthier alternative cooking methods. Best of all, broiled and steamed selection retain more of the vitamins and nutrients naturally found in the food.

What about the fast food selections?

For those in a rush, there are ways of “tweaking” traditionally cooked Chinese food. Requesting chicken egg foo young without the gravy means you get all the protein from the poultry and the eggs along with the nutrients from the onions. What you do not get is the sodium and flour carbs from the gravy.

Really, there are a lot of ways to eat healthier when out. You just have to know a few bodybuilding insights to do so.

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