The Most Popular Fall Wedding Trends

Fall is a popular time for weddings and there are many fun ideas that you can use during this time of year. The 2014 trends are coming out and the newest trends in colors, food, and locations are hotter than ever.

Color Schemes

Most people associate pastel colors with spring-time weddings, but this year pastels are a very popular choice. To make them blend better with the fall season, though, they are paired with deep shades of red and cooler pastels;  the result is a fabulous combination of warm and cool — just like the season.

The hottest color for 2014 is copper. This is a fun color that ties nicely into details as an accent in the invites, service-ware, or decor. For an outdoor wedding or reception, lanterns in this metal are beautiful and highlight the cooler feeling of fall. Indoor or outdoor weddings can have tables, chairs, and center-pieces that can feature copper to tie everything together.

Catering Menu

The most obvious choice for any caterer, such as Gallery Café & Catering, is to use the food that is in season. The fall is famous for harvest foods, and they are featured heavily on the menu at any autumn wedding. The trends that are really hot this year are to serve them in a more creative way.

Salads are great for adapting to have roasted nuts or seeds, figs, or cheese added. If you want something more seasonal and less ordinary, try serving a bisque made from squash in a mini pumpkin, topped with blue cheese or toasted nuts.

For desserts, self-serve bars are very popular. Consider using seasonal foods here as well — like a table where guests make their own caramel apple and pick their own toppings. A pie table with an optional “a la mode” is always a hit too. Anything homey and warm is an ideal candidate for being featured on the menu.


With the sun setting earlier in the day than during the summer, outdoor weddings are more difficult to light. There are all kinds of creative ideas that brides will conjure up, but this year industrial lighting is in style. Vintage is still very much in style, so designers and planner find vintage-style Edison bulbs to hand around the area or cluster them around where the bride and groom stand. This even provides a great backdrop for a photo booth.

Living Happily Ever After

At the end of the night, what matters most is that the new happy couple has a great time. There are plenty of decisions that are made, but if it reflects the couple, it is a success. Designers, planners, and caterers are more than happy to help educate on trends and recommend what fits in a budget while still giving the dream wedding every girl wants. A great wedding is the perfect way to celebrate this big day.

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