Raw Pizza: A Healthy & Unique Spin on a Classic Recipe

You are probably familiar with most every different type of pizza available, whether it’s made at home or in specialty restaurants like Nitza’s Pizza – The Original. But have you ever heard of a raw pizza? Yes, the raw food diet also includes versions of pizza. This unique spin on the classic Italian recipe might be of great interest to those wanting to eat healthier morning, noon, and night.

Raw Pizza is Simple to Make

There are quite a few different raw pizza recipes. Obviously, the common thread among these recipes is none of them involve cooking. Raw means raw.

You can purchase the crust or make it from scratch. Healthier selections such as organic buckwheat crust are quite popular. Another options is the very unique chia and sweet potato crust.

The toppings on the pizza could be any common variety of pizza toppings such as mushrooms, olives, onions, and the like. Homemade tomato and marinara sauce are usually added to the mix. You really can create scores of spins on traditional pizza, just do not put the pie in the oven.

So, why is the raw diet considered such a healthy alternative to traditionally cooked meals?

Raw Foods are Healthier and More Natural

The raw food diet is great for losing weight since it is fairly low in both carbs and saturated fat. Also, a lot of vital food nutrients usually destroyed by heat are retained in their natural state when served raw. Overall, the raw food diet is a healthy one and is capable of enhancing the nutritional benefits of traditional pizza recipes by tweaking them a little.

And speaking of healthy, why not start the day with a nice serving of raw pizza?

Pizza (and Veggies) for Breakfast

Pizza really is a great breakfast choice since it provides the body with a host of carbs and nutrients for the day. (Pizza originally started out as a breakfast food among NYC dock workers).

A raw pizza takes this healthiness to the next level through providing the body with a host of vegetables that would not commonly be eaten early in the morning. Honestly, there really is no bad time for eating vegetables considering how good they are for you. Raw pizza for breakfast helps you break out of the routine of only eating your veggies later in the day. Why miss out on the vitamins fresh vegetables deliver?

Really, raw pizza is an awesome recipe for the health conscious. It tastes great, too.

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