It’s More Than Just Good Taste! 5 Tips For Picking The Perfect Catered Menu

When you are having a meal catered for a special event, you want it to be delicious, right?  Of course!  You also want it to be memorable and beautiful.  This can be a challenge, especially when you are offered dozens of choices and each sound delectable.  To make choosing your catering menu easy as pie, follow these simple tips.

  1. Consider the Venue.  Your most important decision isn’t chicken or beef, it’s the style of the food.  If you are having a laid-back outdoor event, choose refined but casual foods such as croissants, a gourmet cheese spread, and olive bar.  Seafood is fine if you are on water, otherwise skip the tilapia or shrimp for some land-based protein source.  If your event is in an elegant, historic mansion, choose similar chic items and pass on the bacon macaroni and cheese no matter how good it tastes.  
  2. Don’t Forget About Color.  After tasting dozens of items, you may find your favorites are the pesto pasta, rosemary steamed broccoli, and quinoa stuffed green peppers.  Don’t just blindly pick those without imaging what they would like on the plate together.  To avoid the sea of green, select the glazed carrots and some mushroom risotto to ensure your foods complement each other, not only in taste, but also in appearance.   Consider texture, as well.  The perfect plate should have something crisp or crunchy as well as something smooth.  
  3. Consider the Guests.  You know your guest list better than the caterer.  Don’t be afraid to nix their recommended beef dish if you know that most of your guests have sworn off red meat.  If you have children attending your event, be sure to include some of their favorite foods.  A good caterer can create some delectable mini hotdogs and offer a simple fruit salad that will align with your grown-up menu.  Always offer a vegan, or at least vegetarian, option.  Review your guest list to get a feel for how many people will require a special meal.  
  4. Make it Memorable.  You want your meal to be memorable, so shy away from the simple chicken breast, green beans, and mashed potatoes.  This is the time to pick something special that represents you.  If you love Thai food, consider a curry station.  If you can’t imagine a day without chocolate, serve a variety of your favorite cocoa desserts.   The meal at your event should be more than calories.  It’s your gift to your guests.  Make it memorable by adding a bit of your own personality.

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