The Many Benefits Of Dairy Delivery

Most people have gone through the unpleasant realization that they are out of milk. This can be quite frustrating if you’ve been looking forward to a glass of milk before bed or if you have a child hungry for a bowl of breakfast cereal. Having your milk delivered is one way to overcome this obstacle because you can order as much as your family needs. In addition to the convenience of always having milk on hand, there are other benefits to having your milk dropped off at your doorstep rather than purchasing it from a supermarket.

The Products are Fresh

The milk you get from a delivery service is as fresh as it gets aside from actually living on a farm. Usually, customers receive their milk less than 48 hours after the farmers have milked it from their cows. This just can’t happen at the supermarket because the milk must be bottled and shipped before it even hits store shelves. The same goes for other products many dairy farms offer, such as cheese and eggs. Dairy farms also bottle their milk in glass, which helps retain the taste when compared to milk that’s languished in plastic cartons for several days before being purchased.

The Milk Doesn’t Contain Hormones and Is Often More Nutritious

Most dairy farms don’t use growth hormones, such as recombinant bovine somatotropin or rBST. Many consumers are concerned about exposing their families to synthetic hormones, which always have the potential to cause negative health side effects. Choosing milk that doesn’t contain rBST also makes a statement that you care about cows. Cows given the hormone often develop udder infections, and choosing a milk delivery service is one way to do your part to protect animals. Local dairy farms can also use flash pasteurization, which kills any potential germs or bacteria, but also helps retain more of the nutrients naturally present in milk.

Milk Delivery is Eco-Friendly

Having your milk dropped at your doorstep is a small step that makes a big difference to the fragile planet. By choosing to get your milk from a local dairy farm, you’re helping cut down on the number of miles larger milk corporations drive and the number of gallons of gas they use to get milk onto store shelves. You also rinse out and return the glass bottles the milk is delivered in when you’re done drinking the milk. The bottles are then sanitized and reused. This cuts down on how many plastic bottles big dairy farms must use, as well as the number of resources necessary to recycle the milk bottles into new products.

You Support Small Businesses

Paying a local dairy farm to bring you fresh milk and other dairy foods gives money back to your community. By supporting local businesses, you’re funneling your money directly back into the city or town where you live. You’re also supporting farmers who often struggle to make ends meet when so many people rely on foods from supermarkets that have been shipped from all over the world.

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