On Your Coastal Vacation, Enjoy Fresh Seafood At Area Restaurants

When you go on vacation to a beautiful mountainous area situated on a coastline, you have a splendid opportunity to enjoy fresh seafood and other local fare at area dining establishments. Just because you like to focus on eating healthy meals doesn’t mean you have to forego hearty lunches and dinners. Discover restaurants that use healthy cooking techniques and an abundance of fresh food, and make your dining experiences a wonderful and memorable part of your trip.


Many restaurants feature numerous salads on the menu, some of which are substantial enough to make an entire meal. A salad containing mixed fresh greens and other fresh vegetables, cheese, nuts and fruit is an example. A Greek salad with fresh veggies, olives and feta cheese is another. Consider adding fresh shrimp or grilled tuna to your plate for a seafood salad.

Of course, you can always have a smaller side salad and eat it before your main course.


You might never have tried a buffalo burger or a fresh salmon burger before. When you find a restaurant with both those choices on the menu, you may want to go back a second time to sample the one you didn’t order the first time.

Buffalo is one of the leanest meats around, making it a healthy alternative to beef and pork. Heart-healthy salmon is rich in beneficial omega-3 fatty acids.


If you’re ready for a relaxing, enjoyable evening with a glass of beer or wine and a fresh seafood dinner, head to a dining establishment featuring all these items.

The menu is likely to include the ever-popular grilled or broiled salmon, as well as other fish specialties, such as locally caught snapper cooked in a gourmet style. There may be a fresh seafood pasta dinner on the menu, such as linguine with a tomato-basil cream sauce blended with fish and shrimp. 

If the menu has a bit of a Mediterranean flair, you can guess there may be some pizza listed there. You’ve no doubt seen shrimp on pizza menus many times before and may have even tried some. Usually the chefs add small salad shrimp. At a coastal restaurant characterized by fresh seafood offerings, however, your pizza will likely be topped with good-sized hand-peeled shrimp. 

Future Nostalgia

You’ll always remember this vacation for the beautiful scenery and the amazing food you ate there. Perhaps one day you’ll go back and relive those memories — or maybe try some completely different menu items for a new adventure.

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