I was 45 when my doctor told me that I had developed type 2 diabetes. The news shocked me, because it never occurred to me that this could happen. After all, I led a reasonably active life and none of my relatives were diabetic. Still, the facts were there, and if I wanted to keep living I would have to make some changes.
The fact is that I really didn’t know much about diabetes. I knew that some people were born with the condition and others developed it later in life. I had assumed that it only happened to people who ate sweets all the time and were overweight. As my doctor explained, while some people are at a higher risk for developing type 2 diabetes, the disease can occur in just about anyone.
After the first shock, I asked my doctor what I could do. What she had to say gave me a lot of hope. There was a great deal that I could do! Along with medication and increasing the amount of exercise I got each week, making some changes to my diet would also help me control my condition rather than allowing it to control me.
In the months ahead, I learned a great deal about diabetes and diabetic dieting that I never knew before. In fact, I’m still learning a decade after my diagnosis. For those of you who have just learned that you are also diabetic, my hope is that the information I share here will help you understand that there is hope. Diabetes is serious, but it can be managed. Use what I’ve learned and always be on the lookout for more information that helps you. Together, we will all live to a ripe old age, and be healthy every step of the way.